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About Bennett Babies Child Development Center in Washington, D.C.



Bennett Babies CDC was founded in 2006 by Chet Alan Bennett. His desire to development a Child Care Center was birth out of the vision to provide a quality child care service for Bennett Career Institute students. The desire to provide a service for the students of Bennett Career Institute alone quickly grew to the aspiration to serve the entire Washington DC Community.

Bennett Babies currently operates on two locations. Bennett Babies Child I located at 700 Monroe Avenue NE, Washington DC and Bennett Babies II is located at 701 Michigan Avenue NE, Washington DC.


We believe that all children are equal, and have the ability to excel in some way, and, if given the opportunity, can reach their fullest potential. Our goal is to provide a challenging environment, a comprehensive curriculum, and a qualified staff to motivate and teach the children to want to learn. We dedicate ourselves to the children we serve, and respect them as individuals, realizing that we can teach them, they can teach each other, and they can also teach us. By working closely with the parents, using volunteers and community resources, it is our endeavor to offer these experiences which will encourage our children to develop to their fullest potential: physically, emotionally, socially, and intellectually.


The curriculum that is being used by the center is Creative Curriculum. This curriculum guides the development of a daily schedule that is predictable yet flexible and responsive to individual needs of the children. The schedule provides time and support for transitions.

Children are provided varied opportunities and materials to help them learn about nutrition, including valuing healthy foods. Children are also provided varied opportunities and materials to build their understanding of diversity in family structure in non-stereotypical ways. Staff developed assessment methods that are regularly reviewed to be certain that they are providing the needed information. Teachers interact with children to assess their strengths and needs to inform curriculum development and individualize teaching. Teachers observe and document children's work, play, behaviors, and interactions to assess progress. They use the information gathered to plan and modify the curriculum and their teaching.


BBCDC will follow the same inclement weather schedule (closings, and delays) as the District of Columbia Public Schools. Also, call 202-526-1400 ext. 7 to hear information concerning inclement weather.